Please click here to review the current plan (Plan A).

IMPORTANT: Whatever plan we choose to follow should meet the following criteria. It must:

  • Make Sense. Is there a good chance it will help us do what we want?
  • Be Simple. Complicated plans have more opportunities to fail.
  • Be Easy. If it is hard to complete the action items, people will not do them.
  • Be Something We Can All Agree On. If we do not all follow the same plan we risk unnecessary, and wasteful, conflict.

We live in a global society, where the work done anywhere serves to meet the needs of people living everywhere. The problem is that too many of our needs (even some of our most basic needs) are going unmet. The system we use to fulfill our needs is broken and as a result, too many of us are suffering needlessly.

The focus of Plan A is to design and build a system that is capable of supporting our current and future needs in a globally sustainable way.  Plan A should meet all the criteria listed above. If it does not, we will come up with Plan B.

The sooner we agree on a plan, the sooner we can begin following it in earnest. Even if Plan A is not the one we ultimately follow we should still complete Steps One - Three of Plan A by the dates listed because no matter what plan we follow we will be more successful if we have first taken these three simple actions.




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