1. Measure the current state of our world.


Update the Planet-O-MeterTM.


30 Jun 2016


 2. Envision how we want our world to be.


Respond to the Vision Poll.


25 Oct 2016


 3. Commit to making our world better.


Respond to the Intention Poll.


01 Jan 2017


 4. Prioritize what needs to be done.


Help Find the Best Solutions.


30 Jun 2017


 5. Build Meta-System 2.0.


Complete Your Tasks (Tasks TBD).


31 Dec 2019


 6. Begin to use the system.


Complete Your Tasks (Tasks TBD).


01 Jan 2020


 7. Maintain (repeat).


Start Over at Step One.


01 Jan 2025





ACTION: Click on the links under WHAT YOU SHOULD DO above to take that action.

We live in a global society, where the work done anywhere serves to meet the needs of people living everywhere.  The problem is, too many of our needs are going unmet; and as a result, too many of us are suffering needlessly.

Therefore, the focus of this plan is to design and build a system that is capable of meeting our current and future needs in a globally sustainable way.  We could have this new system operational in about 5 years if we all commit to making it happen.

Please get everyone you know to complete the first three steps so we can see where we stand by the Step Three due date.


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