Our minds are perhaps more powerful than we generally believe to be true.  In the fields of quantum mechanics and human consciousness (among others) it is being demonstrated through repeatable experimentation that using nothing more than our thoughts, prayers or intentions we can directly affect the physical reality of our surroundings. If this proves to be true and the simple act of intending to make our world better can actually help make it happen; why not try?

Regardless of the truth behind this, it is my hope that the thoughts, ideas and concepts expressed in the books, movies and music listed in the stores below will act as agents of change, by inspiring people to align their intention with everyone else in support of building a system that we can use to make our common vision a reality. 

Hopefully you can borrow many of these items from your local library.  If not, you can click on the links below to purchase the items (and earn me a commission).  If you know other items that could help this effort please click here to share them with the rest of us.



Nomae iTunes Store:
Click the links below to be take to an iMix with songs (in no particular order) that when I hear them give me new insight into, or new perspective on, our world. When listening to most of these songs I am left with a feeling of hope; hope that something better is possible because someone else out there feels the same way I do, someone I know will embrace this effort as fully as I do.  Some of these items are just fun and you may find something new to like.




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