It starts with us; People.  On October 31, 2011 the human population reached 7.8 Billion and each one of us has Needs. In order to meet those needs, Tasks must be performed and Resources must be used. There are thousands of systems currently in place to help organize the work and manage the resources necessary to meet these needs.  The Meta-System is a way to describe the functions and interactions of these many systems in a single, comprehensive design.

At it's core, the Meta-System is how we do the things we need to do, so you can get the things you need.  It is the rules, processes, tools and technologies we use to produce the goods, and deliver the services, we need to live our lives.

It is the way we organize and govern ourselves.  It is a global system that impacts everyone, everywhere.  It is this system we must get working if we want to build a better world

The schematic to the right shows the core tasks necessary to fulfill any need, no matter how big or small, from initial identification of the need to the ultimate fulfillment of that need.

The Operational Parameters formula describes the ideal system state1; where the amount of resources required to fulfill all our needs is less than the total amount of resources available. 

For many reasons, and as shown by recent Planet-O-MeterTM readings, our current Meta-System has become completely inadequate for supporting even our most basic needs.  We can choose to continue to use this failed system or we can come together and build a new one.

During Steps Four & Five of the Plan we will reevaluate the rules that govern the Fulfillment Engine processes (3 - 7) and create new interfaces (2 & 9) and infrastructures (tools / devices / hardware / software) in such a way that the system is optimized for meeting the needs and demands of our current (and future) population in the most green and efficient manner possible.

Click here for more details about the system or to discuss your ideas about this design or the system in general.

If you have not already done so, please complete Steps One - Three of the Plan, and get everyone you know to do the same by the dates listed.

1 This is achievable.




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The Meta-System