From the cover of Dr. Quantum Presents: A User's Guide to the Universe :

"The art of 'applied quantum physics' is learning how to harness the power of consciousness as we move through space and time. At the heart of quantum theory lies an astonishing (and scientifically proven) truth: that the very act of observing events in your life can alter their outcome.

Our minds may not be just along for the ride in an impersonal universe, suggests Dr. Wolf. Instead, we can define the fabric of reality at a fundamental level with the choices we make, the things we choose to see or not see, and most importantly, our intentions in each moment."

"A Quiff to Pop":

If you are a quantum explorer, you should recognize this immense opportunity to examine the effect of intention on our world that this effort offers.

The central intention of this entire effort is to make our world a better place for all life on this planet.  Imagine how many people will be willing to take up this intention at the same time.  Imagine the impact of all that intention on our daily lives.

The Vision, and perhaps more so the Planet-O-MeterTM, are two excellent devices we can use to hold focus on this central intention.  Keep as much focus as possible on these over the next few weeks and months and let us observe what happens.  (Let us try every day at noon local time to start.  See if we can reinforce and amplify a wave of this intention that travels around the globe.)

Make it your firm intention that this change manifest itself in our world, that we will transform our world into the kind of a place described in the Vision.

Quantum effect or not, let us make this happen!

Click here to view/suggest other experiments we could try. Click here to share your quantum experiences.

If you have not already done so, please complete Steps One - Three of the Plan, and get everyone you know to do the same by the dates listed.



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