If you do not agree with something we plan to do as part of this effort you get to say no and we won't do it.   But, you only get to say no if you suggest (and help identify) an alternative that works for you and every one else.

If we do not find something we can all agree on, we will continue to waste our precious time, energy and resources fighting over our differences instead of working together to build a better future.   If we continue to do things this way, nobody will get what they want.

I believe we all need to come together and agree on a vision for our future that works for every one and then use it as a blueprint for designing and building a system that will support that vision.  I believe this is the surest and fastest way to achieve this objective.

However, if you believe you know a better way to make our world a better place, without getting every one to work together and without creating a better system to help us do it, click here to share it.   I will be happy to use your ideas if every one agrees they are better.


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